Keen and regular readers may be wondering what happened to Barcelona? Well there are only three real options.

A post rejuvenation Dr Who appeared outside our hotel with a mad cap plan to wash the gold dust out of a Cyberman in the famous baths of Bath. 

Jarra and Matt will be happy to know I have started watching Dr Who again   

A dearth of material has lead to me micro blogging my hygiene habits

My only Bath joke, maybe.

My sister recommended we go there and I always listen to my sister.

The answer was in fact the latter, although both of the former options could be valid in this interesting life I lead.

The journey to Bath was blog worthy. We had cleverly missed all morning commuting commotion in our time in London, but with a day before we returned to the continent we threw caution to the wind and embraced the hysteria which is London before 9am. There are a lot of people here, struggling, yearning, stampeding and queuing patiently all at once. Resolutely this reaffirmed previous mumblings “I will never reside in London and work a normal job”. 

Our train to Bath was opulent. Imagine trains with in seat entertainment. Then when your imagination fails, look at my photo.


I watched an episode of the office. This re-established my desire to never work in an office with Ricky Gervais.

If you look very carefully outside the window you will see the weather is very dreary. We had a terrible day for visiting Bath. The weather the day before and directly after was far more bath friendly. We had shower after shower, last joke I promise.

With rain weighing heavily on our minds and heads we bought some umbrellas. Umbrella manufacture is definitely a growth industry here, they are a consumable, impulse buy and do not last.

We then spent a very pleasant few hours wandering the streets of Bath taking photos. Join me now in a photo tour of Bath.

The Raining Bath  

Bath has over a million visitors a year, I think this is comparable with the whole of New Zealand. As such it is very well organised for tourists. Sign posts, not to be sneezed at.


The architecture of Bath is very nice to look at. The buildings and streets have a certain charm, almost clean(stop it).    


We found ourselves at the entrance to a huge park,


With brightly manicured growing things.


and trees, 


and paths.

Outside of the park we then headed towards the famous mineral baths. I wanted a symbolic bath in a historic setting. I wanted to wash myself of the pain of the last year. I wanted to bath like a Roman. I did get my mineral bath, sadly there were no togas or slaves. They did have some nice flotation aids. I did feel invigorated after the bath.

There is a really cool out door exhibition happening in Bath at the moment. It is a collection of photos showing the beauty of Great Britain. London despite its best efforts is not Britain.


Not the London bridge

Not the underground


Not the Thames

You get the idea. 

Once again the rain began to overcome our adventurous spirits it was time to go home. I did get some photos demonstrating the force with which the rain was falling.


Bath river
Brave sepia warrior with 3.99 umbrella.

Bad and good jokes aside. We had a great day in Bath. Go for a day, take some swimming togs and some soap.

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