A very respected fan emailed my wife the other day enquiring in to whether I was actually working in the Caribbean. To be fair the words written here do not dwell overly on my work or lack there of. Sometimes my life is quite incredible, take for instance my birthday month. Strange otherworldly forces are often at work. My boss who was supposed to leave on my birthday and left a couple of days early. This allowed me a monday off and a quite intense pre birthday celebration which left me thinking I was mortally wounded the morning after as I struggled to remember what I had been celebrating.

We went to an incredible beach. Lord Lovejoy and I had an underwater photo shoot.

That is me swiming towards the camera

Lord Lovejoy

 On the Tuesday, my birthday we started a four day jet ski course. This gave me a day of riding jet skis at breakneck speeds and all of the time, earning money.

After a busy day of jet skiing one of the fantastic chefs who live on board prepared me a marvelous pavlova to share with the crew.

I then enjoyed a dinner with the crew and was serenaded by the staff of the restaurant. Someone thought it would be wise to buy me a rose to use the very next day in our Jet ski course.

It has become painfully obvious that I do indeed have a millionaire playboy lifestyle. At least some of the time and usually around my birthday. Do not feel pity for me.

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