The holiday condition is in my own words.

The semi delirious and ill advised state one can enter in foreign lands.

Yesterday was a perfect example of the holiday condition. With our island boat trip postponed due to heavy rain forecasts we decided to go to the beach. Think about that sentence carefully and continue reading. We got to the beach with the sun shining and set about getting loungers, swimming and drinking rum punch. The frozen cocktail lady strangely had the day off.

Just before lunchtime it clouded over and my  rain radar started picking up positive readings. It then began to drizzle. Not deterred we strategically moved our loungers to shelter from the rain, not sun and stayed on. The bar was still open and the temperature was at least 24 degrees. The rain increased in velocity and frequency and we were soon laughing, it never rains for long in the Caribbean. Unfortunately it did keep raining for at least two hours and I had an epiphany of sorts. What is it about being on holiday or in another country that makes you do crazy things like sit at the beach in the rain for hours on end? I’m not even on holiday but there is a link between this and strange behavior I am sure of it.

Naturally I did my best to try and brighten things up. This involved converting a lot of American currency into rum punch and playing some melodic electronic music at a very low(to my ears) level on my JBL speaker. This irritated a visiting American walrus so much he had the gall to request some Rolling Stones. I do not have any stones on my iPhone. I did offer better though, Led Zeppelin. He was not interested. Perhaps I could have played him some Beatles.

The rain did eventually ease in time for a volleyball competition that was put on by one of the evening entertainment venues. There were a lot of round objects bouncing down that end of the beach. What a strange sight. I blame it on the holiday condition.

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