You should know by now that I am quite enamoured with Italy. I love the landscape, the people, the decay and the shiny things. I have lived here for months aboard boats so it always feels like a homecoming  when I return. It was especially vivid this time after spending months in the cultural wastelands of the Caribbean and England (hohoho). I am also embarrassed to admit I have no ability for conversational Italian. What I have mastered through listening, peering intelligently at Italian newspapers and labouring through Italian TV is Cowboy Italiano. 

With a vocabulary which grows by words every week, I can create real sentences which make little sense but convey important messages. Thinking about it this is very similar to Cowboy Swedish and Cowboy Espanol.

Let us learn some Cowboy Italiano!

First things first you are probably going to need another drink at some point. However, I don’t know how to say one more. What I do know is how to recharge phone credit so I would say.

‘scusa possible ricarica gin-tonica

which is

Excuse me is it possible to recharge my gin and tonic

Secondly, if  you are working on a yacht you are going to need to clean some stainless steel. I don’t know how to say clean but I do know something pretty close

Questo lavenderia inox?

which is

This  stainless laundry?

Dinning in at a restaurant and need a spoon? Again I don’t know what spoon is but I know something else.

’scusa Possible scopah mangaro

which translates to

Excuse me is it possible to get me an eating shovel?

Is your beef steak undercooked?

try saying

’scusa Possible mucho grand incindeo fumare steaka?

Excuse me is it possible to make grand fire smoke steak  ?

See how easy Cowboy Italian is!

I will learn Italian at some point I promise I will. The question is when and which poor language will suffer my Cowboy ways next.

Ciao Bitches

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