Last week I got a seaman medical. My last seaman medical was a very professional and expensive one gained on Harley street in London. I would have preferred to get one there again but with my old one expiring and my next trip to England not till November getting one here was the best option.

I have to admit that the clinic I visited was very good and although I had to visit four different departments It was relatively uneventful. The only funny part of the trip was getting a chest X-Ray. I managed to get my X-Ray with my nipple ring attached. To be honest I don’t know how to remove it. I forget about it most of the time until someone spots it loitering under a white polo shirt or I am dis-robed. Anyway after my X-Ray I was ushered over to a screen to make sure my spine was still intact. The poor Philippine Nurses were freaking out. They had not spotted my nipple ring before the X-Ray and it looked quite a sight.

Nurses placated I left the clinic with a very smug smile.
On my return to the clinic to get my results I made the mistake of standing next to water dispenser. I got a grunt and dismissive back hand from a local lady dressed in full costume. I hope she was there for some strong medication. The good news is that I am a healthy specimen fit for duty. My hearing is surprisingly good. I guess years of talking to myself have been done at safe levels. My eyesight its slowing decaying. I still blame years of game-boy playing but it is fair to say I am growing old. I have shrunk a centimetre, I blame that on working with a few short angry people in my time and having had to stoop to various unsavoury levels.
Obviously we are still in Qatar. We hope to head South soon. Selfishly I want to get a good tan minus sand abrasion before I head to England in November for a GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) course. I should have a day or two layover in London and I hope to see some of you there.
What else? Well its been five weeks without a drop of alcohol. You would be amazed how easy it is not to drink when you need a licence to purchase alcohol and have to visit expensive hotels to purchase a drink legally. If you want to have a dry month, both figuratively and climatically the Middle East can’t be beat.
I’m going to try and go for three months without a drop. I should be positively parched before I head back to New Zealand for Christmas. Please save a drink for me.
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