Yesterday morning after some more than pointless running Joe and I took a rental car and went surfing. We are lucky on the Seychelles that there is usually a swell of some sorts. I can’t think of many yachting cruising locations that you can go for a surf before and after work.

Joe drives quite quickly, I named him and the Chefs car the white knuckle in Doha. But Doha is a bit different to here. It had been raining heavily and Joe was driving quite aggressively. We made a turn away from the coastline and snaked along a small tarmac road. With eerie premonition I said to Joe, “I wouldn’t be driving this fast here Joe, I would be treating the road like a dirt one” Exactly two seconds later we left the road grinded the curbside and came to a halt. Local crash scene investigators stopped immediately and with the help of 8 locals we had the car back on the road.

Given the response I think going off the road is a common occurrence here. I’m just happy nobody was hurt and the white knuckle has been put in a glove for a few months.

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