There are occasions when Google fails me and I have to resort to more archaic methods of finding things out. Such was the case late last week when I set about trying to find information on this topic. A Seaman book is a travel document which records when you join and leave boats. It is very useful for the taxman and allows you to get special fights. It is also very helpful when you are working towards Maritime qualifications or tickets as we like to call them.

Now I have the information I would like to impart the knowledge so in the future people do not have to go through the trauma of emailing somebody.

Good morning,  
Thank you for your email.
I have attached a copy of the form we will need to have completed before we can issue a NZ Seafarers Discharge Book to you.  Once the form is completed in full and returned to us in Auckland, we should be able to issue the discharge book within a few days of receipt.    Please supply the following to us:
1.  Completed form.
2.  Copy of a current NZ Passport or passport showing NZ Residency. 
3.  2 x Passport sized photos – colour.               (Please DO NOT supply photos printed on Fuji Film as these are incompatible with the paper used in our Discharge Books)
4.  $100.00 (cash or cheque (payable to Manukau Institute of Technology) , Credit Card number (not Amex or Diners) or a purchase/works order from your company (this can be faxed to us at (09) 379 4999).    Alternatively you can pay directly into our bank account, see below. 
5.  Indicate on the bottom of the attached form how you wish to receive this document. 

            Bank Details are:

            Bank:              National Bank of NZ
            Branch:           East Tamaki, Auckland, NZ
            Address:         116 Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland
            AC #                06-0293-0073560-00
            Swift Code:     ANZBNZZ22 (to be quoted on payment) plus
            Quote:             Student Name / ID number if Known, any other details which may be available   
5. A postal address to send the book to once it is completed or a A5 self addressed envelope/courier bag.  If you wish us to courier this document to you, Freight charges will be payable (to the value of the service provided).


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