Just a few words I wrote for my Dad turning 70.
Welcome all to Wally’s 70th.

I am Wally’s son Daniel. Although I am not an accomplished orator like my father; I do like to tell stories it is usually to smaller groups or to myself. Most of you know Wally as Wally. I know him as Dad.

My family knows I am bad with birthdays. It was only a couple of weeks ago my mother delighted in telling my wife that I am only good with international days like Father’s Day which are publicised internationally but not so good with birthdays.

I can remember calling dad on his birthday once to have a chat and not saying happy birthday only to find out a week later from Natalie that it had been his birthday.

I must have known something last year when I took my current contract as it has meant I am home for dads 70th.

Wisely my mother told me yesterday that I would be saying a few words. If she had told me a week earlier I would have had a week longer of stress.

I have many fond memories of dad and many of his nuggets of wisdom that travel the world with me.
As a child given our location and relative isolation we were often late to functions and events. Dad would always remind us that one should always be late to a party so you do not get a job to do. If you were late getting here well done.

Dad was always very calm with us as children despite our best and worst efforts. I can only remember a couple of times where he might have entered a state of mind anything other than harmonious. This has served me well in rough seas.

Dad has always had a tremendous energy for sport and community. We are all here in his Sunday place of worship.

Dad was a champion boxer amongst other things. When I was young we would have boxing matches in the lounge. These usually took place on Sunday afternoons after golf. Being a true sportsman dad would handicap himself by fighting from his knees. Sadly our boxing matches did cease one Sunday afternoon when dad overly supplemented his handicap with performance inhibiting beer and he may have hit the ground.

Dad has an amazing memory. It is quite frightening the facts, dates and names and places that can be summoned at will. And I don’t think he realises that he could say anything he wanted and no one would question what he says so powerful his recollection is. Maybe he does ?

In closing we are very proud of our father. He is a special man and has done well to reach 70 not out.
I would now like to all raise your glasses for a toast.

To Wally.
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