I can’t imagine to explain some of the weird/strange and downright preposterous behavior I have witnessed in the last few weeks. A culmination of things has made for a thunderously perfect storm. It wouldn’t be wise to speak of the most controversial items but let it be known I have been deeply agitated.

A slight digression. My most unpopular phrase at the moment.

“it is what it is”

Usually uttered by someone with less life experience than a premature mushroom spore.

It may be it but it is still shit and I do not accept it.

Troublesome owners would be my biggest concern here and I have experienced a few.

I am a deeply sensitive person and I refuse to accept the poor treatment of anyone. People turning a blind eye to abuse because it doesn’t affect them directly makes me very ANGRY.

“A rich pig is still a pig” and you can quote ME on that.

Anyway. I have been rescued from my predicament by my fairy god mother recruitment agent.

I have a new boat to join. I am downsizing but I think it is time. It is a boat coming home as well which for many yachties is a dream.

Time to live it again.

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