Pull up a chair, I have. For the past few weeks I have been relishing the experience that a smaller yacht and workplace provides. I joined my latest home on the 6th of June. I had a late night learning the boats systems and to be honest I may have been a little bit tired from my time in Berlin(not sure why?). I commenced work on the 7th and our charter started at about 12pm the next day.

It has been a couple of years since I have worked on a conventional sized yacht. It has been a couple of years since I have worked during a conventional carter. I have always felt there is a sweet spot for yachting. Boats between 65-80 meters have enough crew that you can have a different conversation each day. You still get to dock in marinas as opposed to commercial docks. You also get to be in port a lot more often. So what has really struck me upon downsizing?

  • The boat is surprisingly big. It has everything one would need for a good charter. There is a lack of DJ equipment. I will remedy this.
  • We have a very good crew here. It is a very busy yacht and only really stands down when we are in a shipyard. One day turn arounds are the norm and as such everyone is very organised and efficient. We have to be.
  • I have learned everyones names inside a month. It took me a year to learn everyones names on board my last long term job. The revolving door on my previous vessel meant learning names was futile.
  • Smaller work places mean a wider scope of responsibilities. I have been doing things I haven’t done before. This is good.
  • Much more banter.
  • I am working with Swedes again. My hard fought for Swedish has come flooding back. Wait for the impending Swedish lesson. I have a choice and very useful phrase already.
  • Swedes are still funny.
  • Australians still swear a lot.
  • I have seen more sunlight here than I did in the whole of last year.
Our charter finished. We received thank you notes. I had forgotten normal people leave thank you notes when they depart a yacht. Our owner arrived a few days later. As is usual I cant say who it is. All I can really say is that they have some very illustrious friends.

I did have a notably expensive hair cut in Port Cervo. It was 100 euro all up including some hair product. I have not paid for a hair cut since an ill fated one in Viareggio where my nose was invaded and eyebrows mortally aggrieved. That was 4 years a go so I took the heinous price on the chin.

Today marks three weeks exactly three weeks until I begin my long commute home. It’s been a while. I am very much looking forward to it.

Finally? enjoy some photos. No post processing just looking outside a bit more.

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