And so ends two months of tension. Poorly I am afraid. Some part of my past haunts me. I fear I will have no future in politics unless it is a revolution. Too much colour back there, it blinds those who look for it.

With age one starts to notice the grand procession of time. Cycles upon cycles. Why just a year ago to this very week I went through the same heartbreak with another career fork. Everything sounding so positive until that last twist of the knife.

Still, this very place which has been on hiatus can start again. This very place which may have caused contention.

Foolish? Probably. But it makes a good read.


I have reinstated all 500 plus posts of this glorious blog. For interests sake I checked the date last year when a job application went strange. The date??? The 8th of April.

Forgive me if I stay in bed next year on the 8th of April. It is surely the devils day.

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