Have I complained at length on how frustrating I find recording mixes? Let me complain a bit longer. Before I came home I was asked to play at a solstice party. I agreed and was put on at 5:30am. Playing outdoors at 5:30am presents some challenges. I thought I could surmount them with a genre which isn’t really appreciated in New Zealand or outside.

Techno is what I cut my ears on a long time ago but as I was to discover it is quite a challenge to keep interesting and after the owner of the property asked when I was finishing and the next DJ unplugged my mixer I kind of knew my time was up.
Because my mixer was unplugged I did not get to record a mix.
What follows is a mix after I have upended the tea table many times.
I am still not happy with it but there comes a point when you must right the tea table and move on.
They say it takes 10,000 hours to truly master something. I now have four hour long mixes in the public domain. 996 hours to go.
This mix does have a few different styles and it only really hits what I could call techno towards the end. If you listen closely you can hear robots flirting with each other. There is also some nice space ship docking music. There is also some heavy machinery which is about to have some planned maintenance. I have included some nice vocals for my Mum. There is also a devilish sample towards the end for my darker reader.
It is the longest mix I have made and there are some decidedly human elements in there. But as my Wife rightly said. DJ’s practice making mistakes so people know there is a human mixing. #truestory.
I hope you enjoy it.
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