A few years ago I visited Palma for a few days. It was a typical Palma experience.Under the guise of learning, I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. I sunned myself beside a rooftop pool. I got acquainted with a delightful fill your own vessel wine shop. I played some tunes as the sun went down. I missed my flight out and had my laptop stolen at the airport.

Not disheartened I ticked Palma off as a place I could gladly habituate.

A few years later, many twists and turns navigated I find myself heading back to Palma.

The Sleuths amongst you probably worked out a grand plan that went awry a couple of months ago. I did not like this.

But as often is the way a new path presented itself. If things go to plan and they will because I am writing my own script again. I shall be based in Palma for the six months of the year when I am working.

This will present its own challenges I am certain. But it is Palma. The place eats laptops and I couldn’t be happier.

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