I have been indulging in an interesting experiment of sorts for the past few days.

I was VERY happy with my latest mix. Recording a mix is always a long process for me. Often I end up hating the songs or giving up. I hear problems. It is hardest for Anna who will hear me record and record again and again. She doesn’t hear the things I do so thinks I am going mad.

So to do a mix in one go under a full moon was very satisfying.

Usually I do a quick Facebook post and it is lost under the deluge of news and other tasteless things.

So I set about private messaging people.

I have over 700 Facebook friends that I know personally. But given how algorthims work. I rarely see what they are up to and vice versa.

So I started messaging everyone I thought would enjoy the mix. The mix is actually a healing one of sorts. What really surprised me were the responses.

Christmas is a stressful time of the year for everyone.

To have someone personally message you with some kind words and something that love has been put into really makes people happy.

This makes me happy in turn.

I have spoken with people I have not talked to for years. Old fires. Computer Gaming Enthusiasts. Ravers from the dark ages. Work colleagues from offices. Sailors I faced mighty seas with. There are plans afoot for reunions. Parties. Festivities. Hugs. Cool stuff!

VCII&Lanit lest we forget.


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