The Mayans believed that time + effort = art. If you broke this down with algebra which I should have payed more attention to instead of telling elaborate stories at school.

God = Numbers.

Here is some interesting numerology from one of my Gnostic sisters.

The year 2017 is a Number 10 year and represents the fulfilment and perfection of a complete cycle. 10 is the number of ordinal perfection and the means to create sustain and maintain perfect order in the life. As well as being a receptacle of all the numbers preceding it, ten also reduces back to one since 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. Thus, the cycle brings wholeness and a return to unity where new opportunities and new beginnings can occur, from a higher, more expanded place.

This year is one of reaching the summit and bringing together the results of all your efforts that have brought you to where you are. 10 is the number of accomplishment and mastery that is achieved through grasping or fully comprehending something. It represents the opportunity to come back to the centre of your being, having fully accomplished what was needed and to establish your place out in the world from a new level of inner mastery and understanding. The ancient Greeks gave the number 10 the name pantelia meaning ‘all complete’ or ‘fully accomplished’.

A number 10 year opens up new horizons and creates avenues for great opportunity, growth, success and good fortune. It is a very fortuitous year for both people and businesses who move strategically into this new cycle and embrace and make positive use of the changes that the year will bring.,,,’

Personally I don’t actually agree with the Gregorian Calendar. It enslaves us and was created to manage debt cycles.

But it’s nice to see 2017 should be a nice year.

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