I went out at the start of the month. Nights out are carefully planned things these days. Warm up and warm down stretches. Battery packs, topical creams and pain relief are all on hand. My last couple of nights out in New Zealand have been marred with a couple of conversations.


“%&*#$ you have got old”

When you eventually get home having those words reverberating in your head is a bit disheartening.

Not this time though.


“$#$$(( you guys look great”

And finally


“Are you still writing?”

“Well ummm $*&#$& Social networking, conspiracies, big brother, algorithms, parenting, general laziness”

“You should, you have a talent”

These two interactions were a nice reminder that the aging process can be forgotten about and that wasting talents is a terrible thing. Even the talent of being wasted.

I shall write something more later.

Highly volatile blockchain technology talks. 
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