It appears in my clamouring to conquer the known universe I may have left quite a few people in my wake missing me. In the past week, I have fielded two whole communications asking to my whereabouts. These tearful exchanges also pressed the point home. People quite foolishly need more of me in their lives.

Being a wholesome and somewhat serious humanoid shaped lifeform I do have a confession.

I miss you too.

Chances are if you are reading this blog we have probably engaged in some light hearted banter. We have laughed and cried. You might have learned some comically interesting fact which escapes you at this moment but at the time it seemed quite important.

This is compounded most mathematically for people I have worked with. Not only did you get to eat meals with me three times a day. We bonded under trying conditions. I probably quite frequently took you wildly off target working with power tools, cooking, navigating, detailing or even trying to get some peace and quiet. I am not apologetic in the slightest.

Until such time I have my own fragrance or range of ornate door stops you will just have to make do with this very blog.

Do you miss me yet?

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