A bit of a low key day here today. I have been applying myself to the gruelling task of curating a new mix for my SoundCloud page. It is a Trepidatious task and one I periodically apply myself to.

The process is best explained in a series of bullet points.
  • Acquire an arsenal of songs.
  • Try to fit them together like parts of several abandoned jigsaws
  • Hit dispair
  • Start again
This has been going on for a few months now. It is nearly impossible to do when I am at home, because of things.
Speaking of home. This time next week I shall be at there in a slightly wrinkled and dishevelled state. I am looking forward to seeing my Family and calling snacks forever canapes(CanApes) loudly in a faux posh accent.
Speaking of which. One of my colleagues remarked on my *posh* voice I threw on for *reasons*. I resolutely and standoffishly refute any inference that I have anything resembling a posh voice.
I can stop uttering profanities for a couple of sentences when I put mind to it.
If anyone needs me I shall be looking for jigsaw pieces, swearing. 
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