The past 42 years has been a slow accumulation of wisdom. In 2016 I started planning for a 42nd Birthday party which went off in January of this year. Turns out if you concentrate on anything for a long period of time. It comes to pass.

Reinvigorated from a poignant ceremony of sorts and released from party prep purgatory I have set about reimagining my universe.

Over the next 42 posts, I shall share some of my wisdom. Stay a while and listen.

Step one. Collect Data. Identify Trends. Make Changes.

These posts are going to jump about a bit because all of the 42 steps are intertwined the strands of alien DNA.

Mechanical engineers use trending to identify issues and when to schedule preventative or routine maintenance. For all of our data that is logged, we still transpose information to a written daily log.

In the first step, you must start thinking of your body and mind as a complex machine. Add sensors, capture data, make changes.

Add sensors.

I use a cheap fitness tracker to work out how productive my sleep is.
I count the nutritional and calorific effectiveness of everything I eat. (myfitness pal)
I count my steps and log training.
I write down my mood at the each of day.

I identified my addiction to facebook with the screentime feature on my android phone.

I have worked out I sleep better when I get 10,000 steps a day.

My mood is better when I meditate twice a day.

My workouts are more effective when I use a program.

This all takes time. Time, that you will get back when you divorce yourself from Facebook and that is step two.

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