On Saturday the 11th of April I made the somewhat puzzling decision to return to work during a pandemic. I was told by my Captain I did not have to return to work.

Why did I run this Gauntlet?

In these strange times, I craved normalcy.

Being cooped up at home reminded me of being on board for a crossing, and after serving a mandatory week of hotel isolation and subsequent test I was in the best vessel for a crossing. A boat.

We are now in a stationary crossing for the foreseeable future. Work needs to be done and my 25 bubble buddies are the best company.

Like a crossing crew activities are a unifying morale boosting antitode for any malaise.

Since I have returned we have.

Done a group fitness class
Had a farewell cocktails and bbq for a departing crew member
Watched films
Made pottery
Played online games (counter strike still sucks)
Weathered a squall
Extensive Karaoke system tests
We even have a small crew gym which I will never complain about again.

Have I mentioned our 3 chefs?

Next week I am going to host a mystic evening. We will have a primal costume party. I am sure more things will be planned.

I always tell people our primary function is hospitality. Adversity makes people revert to core functions and we are doing great work.

Let alone just being able to work or being lucky enough to still have a job.

For all of this I am very grateful.

Thank you universe. My predictions of an incredible 2020 are in tatters but I am very thankful for my current trajectory.

What I wanted was home and home is where ones heart is.

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