I spend quite a bit of spare time listening to podcasts. I like the long-form conversations, the banter, the things that we usually share with humans in a time of increasing disparity. 

I have also taken to recording voice memos when using messaging programs. I just find recording my voice a lot faster than thumbing my phone. I find that akin to a closeted ape trying to extract bananas from a mysterious handheld banana vending device. One of my favourite podcasts is comedian Bill Burr‘s The Monday Morning Podcast.
Some notable people in my sphere of confluence have expressed varying degrees of accommodation at my well thought out often rant toned voice recordings. So I got thinking. If I was to regularly record and syndicate said rantings what would I call them?
When I stray into the media by accident like a brown bear who has run out of forest animals to eat and decides to visit someone’s campground only to die eating a bag of Doritos. I am always struck by phrases used when a Journalist wants to write something less than true or not true at all. Speculation.
What would I call this thing?
“Sources Close to”
“A Friend of”
Or something else?
This might be where this poorly thought out exercise falls down. Maybe it is for the best. I can see my accent being a bit of an issue for most of the world’s population if my time at sea is any indication. But I shall keep writing. These words may lie but they are spell checked. 
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