So I had a good interview, I pressed flesh, asked intelligent questions and was offensively charming. The curveball was a test.

Let it be known. I HATE TESTS.

The test was written and practical. I don’t know about you guys but my handwriting rapidly devolves into an unintelligible scrawl if I have to write more than my signature. Still, I took my time and was only really hampered by one element. 

A simple solder job of an RCA connector and cable. Usually, I have my holster of small tools on me for work but I was left to use someone else’s tools. My problems were not being able to get the collar of the connector over the cable. After cursing and muttering to myself at length. I did what all good ETOS do. I improvised, I desoldered and repurposed another more suitable connector and used that.

Technically this was cheating but it let me pass this question. The solution was actually to cut the collar short on the finest Chinese RCA connector. 

It sounds like a lot of candidates say they can do everything. Sadly when presented with tasks the skills do not meet up with what is in a CV.

So I am grateful I have learned a little about a lot of things. 

Fingers crossed I will be learning a lot more about a lot of things.

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