Shame on you if you came here expecting lascivious and lewd details of anything other than what follows.

With my seafarer certification expiring I have made a pilgrimage to Auckland. It turns out sitting in a car for a few hours is good food for my fingers.

I was quite happy to abandon Auckland all of those years ago. I have lived a decentralised existence and it has been largely fulfilling.

And yet, I find myself evaluating whether I can live here again. Traffic is still a chore. If I am to be office bound I do want to be able to walk to work. The benefits of this are;

-No driving.
-Being able to eat at home.
-Being able to have naps.

In Japanese culture it is a power move to sleep at work. I don’t think New Zealand is quite there yet but being able to nap on my breaks will suffice.

Auckland remains a pretty city but there are certain things that grind my gears.

Returning to my most hated Doctor to do my ENG1 reminded me of one of them.

My Doctor was late. We talked a bit of shop before he launched into a tirade on the Pandemic and how it is affecting his overseas Holidays. Probably a bit selfish but I did not bite. I remember the last time I saw him he had returned from a skiing holiday in Italy, how topical. My medical went to plan. I am fit for service for another 2 years.

I thought I would stay in a Hotel so I could continue kicking the tyres of Auckland. For once I did not prebook. I thought I would show largess in booking at the counter. I was promptly told to book online as it would be cheaper. It was not cheaper. I sat ambivalently waiting for my booking to process. Note to self. Good deeds are not worth your time.

I dallied amongst the throng scurrying to work in the central city. The morning stampede is a universal truth, pained looks shrouded under muted tones. There are a few more homeless people than I remember but they seem happier than most of the people working. They are especially happy for donations and banter.

I spent some time howling at the moon, burning reagents and manifesting yesterday evening. It appears to have born some fruit.

I now wait to do the sea survival portion of my STCW revalidation. As luck would have it I could only find a bed to lie on before my course begins.

Some of my best work is done lying down.