Today I did a first. A herculean task. I got a phone number.

Now getting phone numbers has probably been supplanted with tattooed QR codes, TIKTOK profiles or whatever is en vogue. But having never got a phone number from anyone in a traditional sense I was quite proud of myself and this is the tale.

Below Deck has managed to lower the already sunken opinions most Mariners have of Yachties. Before they thought we did all of our work drunk/hungover or both. Now they have seasons of evidential television to watch (jealously).

Therefore it is highly likely the only two Yachties on a maritime course would find a life boat(desk) to cling to.

Anyway, I had long and enthralling conversations over two days on a multitude of topics with a highly intelligent beauty. With plenty of nice things in common. A curse of the golden handcuffs is only Yachties *get* Yachties. We righted life rafts, put out fires and finished inside a shipping container full of AFFF foam.

Anyway with the course drawing to a close I really felt like I needed to kindle more of these conversations. But how?

“So umm would you like to talk more rubbish sometime?”

“Are you asking me for my number?

“Why, yes”

“I love talking rubbish”

And so the seed was sown.

Note to selves. If wit is your best attribute, find quiet places to marinate it in and stay salty.

Person of interest. When you read this, I hope you have enjoyed some of my written rubbish :-).

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