For an interminable passage of time, I have been suffering from something that can only be described as an advanced stage of creative constipation. I started writing this on the 16th of last month for example.

Still, I have had a few good ideas in between the usual bouts of my semi-retired life tasks.

I have come to terms with the fact that even when I am employed, my times at home are spent pottering about in a state of absent-mindedness. This is how I envisage retirement.

I have had a list of sorts.

  • Find Employment

I am happy to say I have managed to attain this goal and will commence with that in September. The methods under which I have been employed are somewhat puzzling but I can write the last few months off as a lesson in humility and the benefits of biting one’s tongue.

I will be returning to boats. Despite my best efforts and a seemingly tight NZ labour market, it appears my unique talents will not be commensurably compensated in New Zealand. A handy hint to any would-be employers. Do not brag about your huge turnover, inability to find good staff and orders book before offering a tepid salary.

I would like to get stabbed twice before I leave, with a vaccination. This has given me some concern given our rollout and global supply constraints. Somehow I have landed in group 3. I am not querying this peculiarity but given I am in and out of the country a few times a year it makes sense.

I have been struggling with the cold. It turns out high ceilings and an abundance of glass make for an intemperate winter climate. My hands are so cold as I wrote this I found myself getting distracted by the thought of heated gloves.

My family home goes up for Auction in a couple of hours. It will be interesting to see how that unfolds. The results will have an impact on my long-term housing arrangements as I will need to move in the near future. I do have a list of requirements.

  • Fibre internet

The last time I lived in Auckland Fibre was laid outside the month I left and I find myself in a similar situation 8 years later.

I have thought of a new byline for my blog so do keep an eye out for that.

I am off to put my hands in a bucket of warm water.