8/10 NZ Marriages end in Divorce and whilst the ordeal is survivable I do not recommend it. I have spent the last week wallowing in a mire of boxes, packing tape and nostalgia. On Monday I had a glazier visit to replace a broken window. We had a cursory chit chat before I left him to his own devices. I said it had been a turbulent time and not all that pleasant. This chap had been ten years divorced and he had these wise words.

Focus on the shit times. Forget about the good ones and when in doubt make some more shit ones.


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  1. Ilona
    Ilona says:

    Those are very wise words indeed. It helps deal with the pain but I believe that it helps you move on.

    It’s not nice that things didn’t work out but I do hope that you can still find happiness in your life. Take care.


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