That image is a plant called Celastrus Scandens also known as American Bittersweet. If you google image search Bittersweet you get a whole lot of the Verve and not much else.

My once forever home sale settles today. I had wanted to get a little video of everything before I said goodbye but a busy move laid waste to my plans.

But, as luck would have it I had to visit the old place today to retrieve some chairs and a table. The Barstools have been rehomed and the table will burn in good time.

Bittersweet is a word that a couple of good friends sent to me last week. It is a bit more bitter than sweet. I would go as far as to say I feel a bit bittertart. Somebody stop me.

Anyway here is said video. Many of you visited 117. I wish more of you could have but such is life.

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