I finally have a return date for New Zealand. I will leave Europe on the 13th of March. The route home is interesting. I booked everything when there was a self-isolation plan in place. MXP>SIN>SYD>CHC>WLG. I will spend a few days with my lovely Sister in Wellington before two weeks of time with my Son.

I have found a job that leverages my experience and am ready to commit to a life on land. Given the state of the world working at sea increasingly seems fraught with tension. Putin’s play has put considerable pressure on assets and companies that service the toys Oligarchs enjoy. I am yet to see any management companies make a stand. As often is the case it will be the crew who suffer.

During my period of absence, I have dutifully recorded a lot of interesting video footage which I have been unable to get online. Italy suffers from some of the worst broadband speeds in the OECD. 1 in 3 Italian homes does not have a computer but on the plus side, Social Media usage is falling. I look forward to uploading edited footage when bandwidth permits.

I did make it down to Rome on Monday, the eternal city has not changed much in 12 years. I did notice an increased military presence and proliferation of electric scooters. A price of progress.

Some of you may have noticed the paywall part of the website has been launched. Please hold fire on subscribing until I am working again and make a launch of sorts. Obviously, I am sitting on a lot of crazy content but I’m a little unsure as to how/when and what to divulge. Things went better than I had hoped and the nuclear option does not seem as fitting. Especially now.