Land is not what I remember. I quickly surmised that years of working on the sea has tarred me with a salty coating, not easily shaken. “A Pirate in a sea of Cowboys” was a phrase I coined. I quit my job back in August and then entered a deeply contemplative state with bouts of festering. This was assisted by a Buddhist philosophy course. Attachment is the source of suffering, and I am still attached to the sea and travel it appears. My path back to my previous career was chosen carefully. I consulted other marine denizens and people I love on strategies for managing such a caper. After months of applying for interesting jobs on land, it was satisfying to get positive feedback on my CV and I have accepted an interesting project.

The vessel is shrouded in secrecy, but I am happy to be returning to Europe and the City I shall be based in has a rich history that will be fun to write about. I am a little unhappy to be lurching into my Fourth Winter in a row but I will not miss the traffic or the festering.

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