Why hello treasured readers. It has been a while. Many moons have passed. Stories have percolated for naught. Foolishly I outsourced most of my writing to an AI. Turns out that even the mightiest LLM struggles to emulate my silly prose. I do need to offload some ideas before I embark on a mighty journey that should bear some fruit.

My self-cancellation and removal from social media did teach me a few things. As memorable as one thinks you are. We are easily forgotten.

Removing every contact from your phone is a pretty effective nuke from orbit but I do miss a lot of people.

Some will find you on Linkedin.

Nobody uses email anymore but resourceful ones will seek you out.

I have enjoyed returning to boat life. The food far surpasses anything I conjure up in reformed bachelor land.

It took me a year to start enjoying music again in any capacity· EOS

Earlier in the year wandering the streets of Berlin I offered my services for a dear friend’s 40th Birthday party in November so there will be some effort put towards this.

My laptop died a couple of weeks ago, it was five years old. It had become increasingly eccentric, even with a new battery it would flatten itself overnight and demanded to be plugged into mains power at all times. After one of its typical bouts of depowering. The storage NAND flash corrupted and it is now nothing more than a sexy 13-inch aluminum table mat with an Apple logo.

My new laptop is very nice to type on. I really have no excuses anymore.

Consider my cognitive palate cleansed. My more earnest fans are probably salivating at the thoughts of the aforementioned jaunt. But first I must introduce you to a real character. Come back soon.