I have been lucky enough to spend a couple of Sundays ambling with Silvia. Here are some photos and accompanying verbiage.

Here we have a street with clever and practical corporate sponsorship. I have used AI to remove English tourists.

This is a scale model of a Moorish castle we scaled. Alcazaba.

Moors is a term generally used by Europeans to describe the Muslim people of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages. Between 711 C.E. and 1492 C.E. Muslim people of African descent controlled parts of Iberia which consist of modern-day Spain and Portugal. Because they were there so long, they had a long-lasting impact on Spanish culture as well as the European relationship with Islam.

I was particularly impressed with the devious fortifications which would have tested any invading force and now Tourists.

Beautiful gardens and a clever irrigation system for the gardens high above the battlements. Water still flows through small channels to the vegetation.

Today we enjoyed a breakfast and in time honoured tradition attempted to get lost.

You can see the different epochs stacked in the architecture.

Cats still catch our eyes.

A Spanish lesson beckoned.

Now this was particularly interesting.

Rhea (or ReaSilvia (Latin: [ˈreːa ˈsɪɫu̯ia]), also known as Ilia,[1] (as well as other names)[a] was the mythical mother of the twins Romulus and Remus, who founded the city of Rome.[3][4] “

Finally a nice reminder to be respectful as a Tourist and Tourism is nothing without the people who live in such lovely places.

I have a grand tour planned when I start my leave. In my next post I will share some of the details which should bear some wordy fruit.

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