Just in case it escaped you we are living in the Year of the Dragon. Despite the intermittent postulating of this blog. I have been living a relatively simple life for the past couple of years. Luckily the Solstice and scheduling have allowed me to plan a grand tour on my way back to New Zealand. A tour befitting a Dragon.

This time tomorrow I shall leave my work. I will fly to Barcelona. Barcelona will serve as a staging point for a couple of weeks. Silvi and I will then travel eastwards to three Salvador Dali attractions.

The Museum, his House and the Castle.

The following Sunday we will fly to Ibiza. A couple of nights will be spent here with a couple of fine dining options that slowly transform into sonic feasts.

The next Thursday we will fly to Venice for the bi-annual art festival.

We will then stay in Verona and will attend the Opera Carmen at the Colosseum for Silvis birthday.

I will then fly to Thailand and spend a week there before New Zealand.

I have reactivated instagram again. I expect photos will end up there but the extended captions are best read here 🙂

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