I awoke to the sound of screeching. It was 2am. Traipsing Yacht Stewardesses were returning to their roosts. In a comical turn of events. It had been deemed a ‘good’ idea that a sizable galère of our crew embarked on a booze cruise on a Sunday evening. Usually I would have smirked and rolled over but I was to depart the vessel at 4am.

Two hours later I was waiting for an Uber that never arrived. It was strangely busy with a lot of people cosplaying as football players. I was to learn later that Malaga had won promotion to division 2 in Laliga. After rebooking an Uber I was soon at a very busy Malaga airport. You would think 4:30 would be quiet at an airport but it was not. Thankfully I am somewhat resilient, check-in formalities were overcome and I was eventually on my plane.

Silvi was waiting at Barcelona for me. We both remember as children how meeting people at the airport was the norm and not the exception. It was very nice to see her, as always. Monday is a public holiday here with the Spanish celebrating the Solstice two days after actual Solstice. Fireworks are usually let off with much gusto but it was a bit quieter this year with people not being able to afford fireworks. An interesting litmus for a slowing world economy despite what central governments say.

Soon enough were were at Silvi’s fabulously glorious abode. I will share a couple of photos here. You can really see parts of her personality, experience and time travelling.

It took me a while to unpack my numerous travel essentials. Silvi created a lovely lunch and I updated her Sonos audio system because that’s what Audio Visual Engineers do for fun. A well earned Siesta was enjoyed and now I write whilst she selects pottery pieces to sell at her coworking place. I shall help her move them tomorrow. Don’t worry there will be bubble wrap.

Pottering about we are.

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