There is a small issue with Barcelona. Tourists regularly have phones snatched as they navigate and catalog their experiences. The phone tether is an evolutionary adaptation, but it really does scream I am a tourist. I am not a tourist I am a Dragon on a grand tour,

Therefore I did not take many photos yesterday. We had a lazy morning with the only thing of note being going to collect some gluten free bread and a walking tour of Silvis neighbourhood. We waited until a shipment of designer threads arrived from Berlin. Still finding things to do I ordered some wifi extenders that do not rely on cables to improve my blogging vantage points.

In the afternoon we visited Silvis coworking place and set up a couple of shelves to display for a sale they are running this weekend.

Attentive readers will see her two shelves. Turns out having a tall boyfriend is useful. We modified the shelf so it could show her work off better.

In the afternoon we were having a siesta and I suggested we play paper scissors rock to determine who would get up to greet the delivery man. I played rock, Silvi played well. The well is a curious German invention which completely breaks paper scissors rock. I protested greatly, How un-German to break the rules of a game.

I consulted reddit

When we were kids we used to make up bullshit items for the game.

I remember “the well” was common, it beat the stone (sunk it) and the scissors (rust), but got beat by paper because it covered it. Other items included “fire”, “rain”, “tank” (beat everything but the stone I think).

I think bullshit is a word I might have used.

Today we embark on our surreal Dali excursion. I am going to leave my laptop here but I will pop some photos up on instagram as I see fit. Polished prose will follow.

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