This morning we picked up a rental Tesla and drove up the Costa Brava. After leaving Barcelona behind we made good time and were soon enough beach side on Playa Treumal. It is not quite peak summer here and the steep track with no vehicle access made for a nice quiet time.

The water was far too cold for my delicate scales but the German mermaid took great delight in drowning my squeals of protest with her ocean dampened visage.

A hearty lunch was consumed before we drove to the mutually undiscovered Girona and a Tesla supercharger.

The Tesla supercharger allowed me to demonstrate the romance mode which frighteningly warms up the AC in conjunction with the roaring fireplace visuals. Elon when you read this, I think an ice palace with the sound of icicles chiming and AC in freeze mode would be a suitable addition. Luckily the sketchpad app does not alter the AC.

Girona was a stunning green medieval town. The abundance of trees enshroud large swaths of the buildings. They remain cloaked as you walk around through the cobbled streets.

After a technical coffee stop we drove onto Figueres and the Salvador Dali Theatre Museum.

Salvador Dali was a startlingly unique dragon. His casket has a special place under the museum and each floor affords a different time slice of his incredible art.

I would place Art critics in the same pantheon as real estate salespeople, car sales grifters and lobbyists so I am not even going to try. Just enjoy.

To get an understanding of the many themes and techniques that Dali effortlessly utilizes I highly recommend reading about his life, his friends, his loves, his education, where he lived. The whole gamut. He was surprisingly scientific and it all makes sense when you are immersed in it.

So awestruck was I, when we started the arduous range clime to Cadaques. I spied a weather observation dome of grand significance. I assumed it was a Dali installation.

We are now in Cadaques and will visit his home in the morning. A delightful fishing village which with it’s close proximity to France has a blended border with the synergy of cross pollination which only happens in Europe.

View from Hotel Balcony.

Sunset after Dinner.

That astounding man again.

Tomorrow we will complete the Dali tourist triangle with visits to his home in Port Lligat and the Castle in Pubol he remodelled for his lifetime love. Gala.

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