Do not feed the seagulls. We ate breakfast beside the pool. One of the guests took it as an invitation to feed a Seagull that clearly did not need feeding. It had cleverly worked out by perching on the beams above the outside seating area it could swoop down and mop up breakfast. It did not need encouraging. I enjoyed shooing it away but it still managed to break a coffee cup.

Said Seagull.

The hotel had some great architecture and design features that Silvi adored. I especially enjoyed the coffee machine.

A short drive over the hill took us to port Lligat and the Dali house. The story of the house is that he purchased 4 small fishing warehouses and then moulded them into a studio/laboratory and all the things a creative needs. Most importantly it was a home.

My time working for Steven Spielberg impressed upon me of the importance of light in the visual arts. Light was found in abundance.

View across olive grove to a house feature.

The front lawn.

Did the tree grow out of the boat?

The tours are quite short. 30 minutes in total. Our tour guide switched between French and English admirably. Luckily for me Silvi had visited before and could concentrate on taking photos and I could absorb a very inspirational home.

The grandest of entrances.

A dining room for two.

The library.

The view from the breakfast balcony.

The laboratory/studio. When Gala sadly died, Dali decided to never live in their home again. Everything inside is a snapshot. Including the art he was working on.

The yellow room. If you look on the left hand side you can see a mirror. Dali had this installed so when he was in bed he would get the sun’s light before he would naturally get it. He could also claim to be the first man in Spain to see the Sun.

The bedsroom.

Some tourist.

The dressing room with media clips and photos adorning the doors.

This was my favourite room. A perfect conversation room. With the oval shape it allows you to whisper to people on the other side of the room with lossless audio. No Chinese whispers here.

With the guided tour officially over we were able to enjoy some of the entertaining areas outside.

I think an invitation to Dali’s house would have been impossible to resist. His pool parties beyond legendary. Before we left we were able to view a collection of film he had made in the 70’s. The techniques he utilised and the way he carried himself in front of a camera really showed, he was living art.

This entry takes us up until mid day. The next will catalog a late lunch and the Castle. Till next time besos xx.

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