We left port Lligat and made our way to Mooma an organic Apple orchard and dining establishment. The lunch was very welcome and I enjoyed it and the company very well.

The food was so good I indulged in a very memorable cheese cake.

On our way out Silvi spied a nice reminder of the travelling Kiwi.

Silvi did the bulk of the driving on our trip. It was quite a luxury to be a passenger for once and she is a fan of the Tesla experience.

Pubol was our next stop. The story of the Castle is well encapsulated in this very informational mirror. Stylistic composition courtesy of me.

The Castle is a monument to the pairs love and is definitely her Castle with the art and ideas an expression of this. The drive from Cadaques was quite long. He certainly needed an invitation as driving there to be turned away would have been arduous.

The Castles origins are reflected in some pageantry.

A large stuffed horse lives downstairs. Not being a fan of horses or the people that ride them I found this very suitable.

You can keep an eye on the horse on the floor above through the coffee table.

Every Queen should have a throne.

A door to nowhere.

A very unique chess set

Dali’s last working space.

Priceless fashion on display.

Outside we found the pool and some very famous elephants that once were fountains.

Dalis Cadillac is on display.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20240627_171330-773x1030.jpg

I left the Castle quite uplifted from our two day Dali expose. The triangle complete. Silvi tries to make it to Cadaques once a year and always finds it inspiring. I can see why. Not since Thailand have I made three updates in a day. May the Dali inspirational half life long continue.

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