Hello new readers 🙂 Welcome back older readers. It was 11pm on Thursday when I was found falling asleep catching up on Episode 5 of The Boys in Bed. Needless to say Friday began very slowly. The running household gag has been adjusting to the Spanish time zone after a couple of months working in Spain. Meal and bed times have slowly become later and Siesta faithfully followed. I completed Episode 5 drinking coffee and lurched into completing my three previous entries. There were a few lessons learned. Notably, the need to create galleries for the sizable amounts of photos I uploaded.

Silvi is also a fan of astrology and the Cancerian domestic Goddess let me perch on her living devani couch delivering me libations whilst she created another great meal. At about 4pm we walked towards the safer end of Ramblas and completed the following tasks.

A haircut for me. The barbers was run by an Italian collective. They prefered customers paid in cash. Italiano was the predominant language. I really can not escape Italy.

We purchased a Nespresso machine. The small stove top has been getting some heavy use and is not fit for purpose. However I shall be relocating it with me as I can’t bear the thought of it being homeless.

We collected a small cylinder for a couple of Dali prints I got at the Dali Museum. Silvi got some small tags for her coworking shop sale this weekend.

The Domestic Goddess has been demonstrating/teaching me some very simple tasty dishes. One of her clever kitchen devices is a small flywheel blender. I now am the proud owner of one. It shall be great for dicing tomatoes and onions. I can probably convince Dario to dice things for me.

Dinner was devoured and a slightly earlier bedtime was achieved.

It is now 4pm on Day 6. I managed to do some shopping earlier but restrained myself only with a pair of shoes and some travel toiletries for our next jaunt. Bangkok is pretty good for shopping :-). This evening we shall get ourselves ready for our short flight to the white isle. We are travelling with carry on luggage only, which is a new thing for me. Next stop Ibiza

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