No bueno.

I woke strewn across the bed in an undignified manner. Silvi was not there. I had had uncharacteristic bouts of flatulence throughout the night. I sheepishly thought these may have driven the Domestic Goddess to the lounge. I did find her in the lounge, she had been vomiting every hour since 2am. She is currently running a temperature but feeling cold and back in bed. She will not be able to fly with me today. Thankfully I am feeling fine, but will monitor my wellbeing with my Garmin. Systems are currently nominal.

I will depart as planned and check into our hotel. She will join me tomorrow. This is sub optimal but it will allow me to be an NPC of some significance. This evening I will have a solitary dinner at Space Eat and Dance. I will take lots of photos and divine some stories out of the Balearic air.

I am going to take some solace in humble bragging about being in Ibiza on instagram. I shall especially talk about the magnificent sunset, sounds and how “Classic” it is.

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Addendum 1.

I caught a cab to the Airport at about 11. Terminal 2 houses all of the budget airlines. I mentioned earlier that I have never not checked something in. I was about ten minutes into a queue when I realised I could just go straight to security. You can teach an old Dragon new tricks. RyanAir is my least favourite of these airlines. Without being too snobby it attracts a certain type of patron. Our flight was 40 minutes delayed. People had to be reminded to put seatbelts on. Someone was wearing an English football shirt. All stuff that grinds my gears. Thankfully I slept most of the way listening to a very enjoyable spotify playlist. Silvi not checking in mean’t I had a spare seat and could enjoy the view.

I was soon greeting my driver who would take me to our hotel. I told her it had been 14 years since my last time in Ibiza. She said it has changed a lot with VIP culture ruining a lot of the club nights. I heartily agree with this sentiment, and this is why our night out does not have a vip area.

VIP culture aside. Ibiza is still an amazing place. The weather is superb. There is a palpable buzz in the air. There are also now electric scooters which are a welcome addition. I have just been out orienting myself and have found the nearest scooter point and cafe. I will now get ready and head across to the other side of the island for the sunset and dinner.

Silvi update. She has got a couple of bananas down and should catch the early flight over here tomorrow for breakfast.

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