I first went to Ibiza in 2010, I dallied long, missing flights and rebooking accommodation. Things have changed a bit but the thing that brought me back is still in abundance. Quality music and spectacular nature. Last night I went to the Space Eat and Dance restaurant on the boardwalk at San Antonio. The vantage point gives you epic views of the sun going down. I had a delicious dinner and the DJ was accompanied by a violinist. Space was a huge very successful nightclub here before evolving into something different. The restaurant was a lovely twist on times gone by.

You can see it on the corner there.

Wise words from the Don of Space 🙂

These matched particularly well.

Photos are obviously very important here. My excellent seat allowed me to take photos and video quite well. So well I befriended 3 Brazilian expats and a girl from Belgium. Taking photos is a great way to make new friends 🙂

Silvi is still not well so we have made an executive decision for her to keep rehabilitating. We fly to Venice on Thursday for the art festival and then we will be going to the Opera Coliseum in Verona on the Friday for her birthday. I am going to head out for some sun, will take a siesta and tonight I will head to Playa d’en Bossa, and Playa Soleil for the All Day I Dream night.

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