I had a very lazy Monday, eating a vegan buffet from the hotel and visiting the nearest beach. Barcelona was in the middle of a thunderstorm and just one hour away the weather was perfect.

I made my way to Playa Soleil for my 8pm dinner reservation. A beach club, with a large assortment of sun beds with huge awnings.

Just off the beach the restaurant, gallery and boutique were housed.

I have become a big fan of making reservations. My table for 1 was right beside a huge table which had all of the touring DJ’s and associated guests lists. I managed to say hello and engage in some banter. I discussed at length how the ambient humidity was detrimental to how chopsticks worked on Sushi.

At about 10pm Lee Burridge took over the decks, the dance floor was designed in a devious way with two dancefloors. One was used from 6 till 10:30 then doors were opened and the main room was used.

First Dancefloor

Second dancefloor.

I retreated back to my hotel before it got too late. My last day in Ibiza was spent at the beach. A clever thing you can do is drop your bags off at a luggage storage place. These have showers that you can use and it means you can enjoy the time before you catch your flight.

I met this character.

El Capitano from Senegal. He was trying to sell me knock off Prada hats. I am not a Prada person. I ended up at the Ushuaia beach club which was just starting a 3pm till 11pm session when I went to catch my flight. A bit like cruise ships you can stay in a hotel which is attached to a beach and has a nightclub. All of your money is spent at the same place.

My flight out was delayed but it was a perfect amount of time to visit, especially as I was by myself. Next time Silvi will be with me.

Today we get ready for our 4am departure tomorrow for Venice. Forza Italia.

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