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A Grand Tour

Just in case it escaped you we are living in the Year of the Dragon. Despite the intermittent postulating of this blog. I have been living a relatively simple life for the past couple of years. Luckily the Solstice and scheduling have allowed me to plan a grand tour on my way back to New […]

Más fotos de Málaga

Here we have a street with clever and practical corporate sponsorship. I have used AI to remove English tourists. This is a scale model of a Moorish castle we scaled. Alcazaba. Moors is a term generally used by Europeans to describe the Muslim people of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages. Between […]


Looks like my comment feature is only working for me. Luckily my very clever web designer reads this blog and will take a look. In the meantime. Looks like I am somewhat resourceful.

Stream until you like it

Engagement. It is one of those things content creators crave. Whilst I love you all very little engagement comes back at me. To this end I setup a corner of my New Zealand abode into a small live streaming centre. I did this last year but then sat on my hands. A couple of Fridays […]


Precisely one year ago I had an interesting evening in Portsmouth. What should have been a routine shore excursion to Wetherspoons (don’t ask) rapidly devolved into an extended tour of behind the shipyard and random parts unknown. After acquainting myself with the backsides of naval barracks and being told by a local to catch a […]

Final Thoughts

Well and truly through jetlag and feeling a burst of Monday productivity I thought I should finish this. We ate lunch at this place a couple of times. Obligatory cat photos. I haven’t really spoken about the weather, how un-anglophilic of me. It was quite cold in Istanbul at the start of March. Layering up […]

More Istanbul

As promised. I have made it safely to New Zealand. My plane was late leaving Istanbul, what was I saying about efficiency? I had an hour to clear customs and get on my flight to New Zealand in Doha. Although I and my large suitcase made it here. My Fri(day) suitcase I had fastidiously packed […]

A technical stopover in Istanbul

With another rotation under my belt, it was time to have a well-deserved technical stopover in Istanbul. My new traveling companion and I spent a couple of weeks hatching an itinerary. What follows are a few words, photos, insights, and links to places we enjoyed. I departed on Sunday from Tivat, Montenegro. Tivat has been […]

Handbags at dawn

It was before dawn when I scryed a exotic hand bag shop opening in duty free. One could not buy a coffee but could fastoon oneself with a designer handbag before the sun rose. Managed decay. This delightful strategy describes navy philosophy for the stewardship of seagoing assets. In my field of expertise yachts required […]

Something Jarvis Knocked Up

Turns out an LLM can create passable tales of some merit. Consider this an appetizer for my forthcoming expose and long overdue Crew Profile of Kieren, “Write me a funny story about a Scottish Super Yacht Engineer named Kieran who drinks a lot and falls in love with a waitress at a Hooters bar in […]