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Exit Strategies

I received my flights out of New Zealand late last night. This final formality has released a wee bit of pressure. If I was to write a posthumous pastiche to this period… it would be a long series of pauses….. A heartfelt thank you for the comments and messages. I have not been OK. Rehoming […]


That image is a plant called Celastrus Scandens also known as American Bittersweet. If you google image search Bittersweet you get a whole lot of the Verve and not much else. My once forever home sale settles today. I had wanted to get a little video of everything before I said goodbye but a busy […]

A Sagely Glazier

8/10 NZ Marriages end in Divorce and whilst the ordeal is survivable I do not recommend it. I have spent the last week wallowing in a mire of boxes, packing tape and nostalgia. On Monday I had a glazier visit to replace a broken window. We had a cursory chit chat before I left him […]

A Numbers Game

Today I did a first. A herculean task. I got a phone number. Now getting phone numbers has probably been supplanted with tattooed QR codes, TIKTOK profiles or whatever is en vogue. But having never got a phone number from anyone in a traditional sense I was quite proud of myself and this is the […]