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Handbags at dawn

It was before dawn when I scryed a exotic hand bag shop opening in duty free. One could not buy a coffee but could fastoon oneself with a designer handbag before the sun rose. Managed decay. This delightful strategy describes navy philosophy for the stewardship of seagoing assets. In my field of expertise yachts required […]

Something Jarvis Knocked Up

Turns out an LLM can create passable tales of some merit. Consider this an appetizer for my forthcoming expose and long overdue Crew Profile of Kieren, “Write me a funny story about a Scottish Super Yacht Engineer named Kieran who drinks a lot and falls in love with a waitress at a Hooters bar in […]

What to do?

Having infamously divorced myself from Social media and other more physical annoyances. I do want to use this place a bit differently. I did take a few photos yesterday after I made it through the tunnel. Hamburg reminds me of Berlin. I shall be posting more photos and things as I see fit.

I went for a walk

So I am safely over jetlag and very busy at my new job. Something nice about this position is that we get one day off a week. Yesterday I went for a walk into the city and this involved finding a tunnel under the river. I managed to completely miss the tunnel entrance and get […]

Winters of Discontent

Land is not what I remember. I quickly surmised that years of working on the sea has tarred me with a salty coating, not easily shaken. “A Pirate in a sea of Cowboys” was a phrase I coined. I quit my job back in August and then entered a deeply contemplative state with bouts of […]