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A Numbers Game

Today I did a first. A herculean task. I got a phone number. Now getting phone numbers has probably been supplanted with tattooed QR codes, TIKTOK profiles or whatever is en vogue. But having never got a phone number from anyone in a traditional sense I was quite proud of myself and this is the […]

Seasonal Modifiers

With an ambiguous future, I have been doing my danddest to ward off something I am not altogether comfortable about. Winter. Winter is a season I have managed to miss in its entirety since 2009. It is as I remember it. Taking up hobbies and multiple layers of clothing have been de rigueur here. In […]

Welcome one Welcome all

An effortlessly effusive thank you to Tom for all of his brilliant work in overhauling my blog. He has been a pleasure to work with and I can not fault his enthusiasm or skills. I let professionals get on with it and just enjoy. Be it chefs, tailors or a hairdresser. What do i know? […]

Pay no heed to critics

No one errected a statue to one.One of my favourite quotes.Yet last night an old companion I thought to have evicted years ago payed a visit.The self critic. This morning I gave this loathsome character some thought. At some point accumulating grey hair and wrinkles. People started asking me for advice and I reminded myself of […]

Testing Times

So I had a good interview, I pressed flesh, asked intelligent questions and was offensively charming. The curveball was a test. Let it be known. I HATE TESTS. The test was written and practical. I don’t know about you guys but my handwriting rapidly devolves into an unintelligible scrawl if I have to write more […]


My ride out of MIQ was late. He does suffer from being terminally tardy so I was not crestfallen. It was an exercise in feeling awkward, standing outside the hotel I will never return to. I now have 3x hotels in New Zealand struck of my register of places to stay. I am a product […]

Day 14

I leave MIQ today. My imagination is in a celebratory mood. I have a good friend collecting me from the gates today. I woke up with this scene playing through my head. A soundtrack for release if ever there was one.