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Something Very Different

I was lucky enough to attend a few musical performances at the Teatro Sociale di Camogli. An impressive building the like of which we have very few of here. I got to see a funk/jazz/rock three-piece. A Beatles reimagining but it was this solitary chap who I found the most impressive. The Piano Accordion is […]

Returning Home

Leaving Italy and returning home was an ordeal. But ordeals make for good tales. I had a teary farewell to my adopted family on Saturday and my Italian Papa drove me in his Piaggio to Genova Principale train station. My baggage train was quite impressive and this was a welcome favour. One knows when you […]

Long Good Byes

150 days later I am almost ready to leave Italy. This extended stay has let me appreciate the difference between travelling and being a tourist. A tourist is always thinking of the next destination. A traveller gets to do unique things as a local with locals and such things I have done in abundance. I […]