Statistically speaking there is a good chance that you are in fact a new reader of this blog. Older more astute readers: it is also highly probable that in my haste to provide round the monitor entertainment and good humour that you have missed a post or two. Simply forgetful souls you might have forgotten why you are here. Let me remind you.

Finding Captain Nemo

Tremendously spooky writing given its content and the sequence of events that followed it. To think in 3 months I will be seeking passage on a yacht owned by wealthy people and some of these vessels have submarines.

A cathartic calamity

One of my finest brain vomits, this passage holds some trademark turns of phrase and delectably dances around a multitude of issues.

A jingle in the jungle

The choicest in my wild life series. This entry explores the jungle and its many inhabitants.

Time and Space

A quasi scientific look at time and distances in South East Asia.

Meth0d Writing

A bold uncensored look at Thailand at night. This really took courage and was a fun goodbye to South East Asia.

Gainfully Unemployed

A low point of the year was still a highlight for me. I can not complain. But I did.

Spring Break follow up

An experimental video blog. Drawing on all of my considerable post production resources in Timaru and shot on location. This might be a sign of things to come or a drunken lout in a Vietnamese hat. I will let you decide.

Thats it. My seven best posts of last year year. Comment away.

Thanks once again for reading. You are a beautiful audience.