A small innocent piece of information for my loyal flock. Years of gaming have left my eyes a bit lacking when looking at things far away. I require a prescription set of glasses to drive legally in New Zealand.

Acquiring a set of glasses in New Zealand is a laborious, tedious and costly exercise. If you are anything like me it is far easier to delay purchasing new glasses, even when your current pair look like they have just walked out of a battle in a tumble dryer with a couple of bricks.

It is with great pride that I can describe purchasing a pair of new glasses in Cambodia.

My examination was free of course and done on the spot. No making an appointment.

A huge variety of frames awaited to perch upon my nose and ears. If I had gone with the cheapest lenses I could have had them inside an hour ready to wear for $18 US.

I went a bit up market and chose the transition lenses and a better titanium frame. My lenses needed to be ordered in but I can still pick them up tomorrow evening. Total cost $83 US.

The last time I got a quote for transition lenses back home it was at least $800 New Zealand and it was going to take them a week to get them ready to wear.

So a tip of my hat to the fine people of Cambodia and in particular the lovely bunch at….

Angkor Optique
Address: Group 5 Sivatha St
Siem Reap near Canadia Bank

tel 063 761237


International readers please substitute New Zealand for your own country I suspect things are much the same.

Additional Footnote,

I have just noticed we have broken the 100 post barrier. This post is number 101. I would like to thank my fingers and my fans I could not have done this with out you!