As noted earlier traveling has been hard on my wardrobe. The continued involuntary dispossession of my choice items has left me mildly consternated. In the past week I have made the most of Vietnam’s shopping and street vendors to put together a new fashion collection of some merit.

It was earlier this morning that the planets aligned to give me the reasoning for my spending spree.

New Zealand fashion week starts this Monday!

If you want to attract attention on the street, witness this striking ensemble. It was purchased off the street but strangely it leaves street vendors gagging for more.

-Straw hat
-Vietnam shirt

Completely impractical in 30 degree heat, this tailor made coat will heat things up in any room, literally. Add a pair of Boss sunglasses. Stuff Hugo I wanted straight Boss.

Witness the dragon. Hand embroidered silk robe which has a couple of tricks.

The true beauty of my 2009 fashion collection is its versatility. Watch as my model remixes the collection on the fly.

What a clever chap. Thanks to my photographer, model and my wonderful fans.

If you are after real fashion go visit Ana Steele and Michael Pattison they know what they are doing. I just write about what I am doing.