Monday and Tuesday have morphed into one long day of examples, theory, discussion and pratical exercises. Thankfully first aid remains a good portion of common sense and the trickier nuances of CPR are being streamlined to make it easy to remember and hopefully save lives.

Some of the funnier excerpts of the last day have been discussions revolving around poisoness sea creatures and the medical benefits of urine. Fascinating stuff. Our tutor recommended seeking consent before the liberal use of urine and to use vinegar in the first instance. This did not stop the conversation from coming back to urine. In fact I was waiting for the inevitable call for urine this morning when we were discussing hypothermia.

Let it be known that I am not averse to toilet humour as long as it does not involve me.

Two more sleep till we leave New Zealand. Yes we are excited but there still seems a heap of things to do before we leave. I am looking forward to getting on the plane. Things do seem a bit surreal the moment.