I gave my father a business card last night. This was a big step for me as I have historically hidden my writing away from my family. The estrogen addled side of my family are somewhat critical. Dad, when you read this post; this one is for you.

I am not sure when I developed a fear of horses. It was early because I have always maintained a healthy distance from them. My earliest memories of horses was our neighbours having a horse named Eileen. Eileen was a powerful beast and her owner had made a proud Luddite stand in using one as a farm tool instead of a motorcycle.

Horses are best left in their natural state. By using them in any form we are asking for trouble. Eileen was a tall horse and fantastically muscled. I remember thinking she could cleave me in two with a miss placed hoof. Humans are not happy with this, we have to shoe them with iron boots; which are heated and applied with nails. Can you imagine buying a pair of shoes, only to have them heated up and nailed to your feet? I would be itching to stomp on a mushy surface at the first opportunity. Who cares if it was a pint sized homo-sapien !

Not content with this we proceed to attach all manner of leather bondage gear. We then place on a heavy saddle. Put a metal bit(gag) in the horses mouth and strike it with a crop when it does not go the desired speed. The bit is obviously used to stop the poor horse from screaming.

Now lets get down to aesthetics. Horses look positively beautiful with no adornments leather or otherwise. Humans look pathetic on top of then and then you have the biggest injustice of all. Professional jockeys.


Take a close look at that photo. Look at the starved monkey parody on the horses back. Look at the horse. Shameful.

Jockeys are only a symptom of a wider problem. The horse racing industry is a shamefully exploitive travesty which leeches at the very soul of humanity. Hiding behind theatric marquee events, it passes itself of as something respectable but really it is just a obscene form of gambling. In New Zealand we have a politician devoted to the horse racing industry.


Take a close look at that monkey (parody) standing beside the horse. Look at the horse. Shameful.

I think by now you can see the plight that afflicts me every day. Horses should be free. Jockeys should be fed. Leather should remain in the bedroom. This would not be a raving rant with out a solution however. You and I can do our bit.

-If you have to bet on something running around a track; bet on the greyhounds. Not a monkey it sight.

-The next time you want to do a horse trek, just go for a walk. Or better yet pay for the horse trek and give the horse a ride on your back.

-Stay away from horses at all costs. They do not like us. One day they will rebel and they will remember who annoyed them.

Horse riding apologists please take me to task with a comment. I will not be ridden easily!