To be a person not named Frank being frank, writing my novel has not progressed at all. To borrow some management speak it is still in an early stage of development. Today I saw a quote which summed up my novel writing so far.

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.

— Stephen Wright

I quickly adopted this quote as my message of the day. One of my loyal readers suggested I write my way around a novel by writing some glowing reviews ready to be quoted on the bound to be glossy inserts. A charming idea and one I took a bit further by thinking I could also write a press release, publishers acceptance letter and inevitable fan mail.


I still have actually to write my novel but writing the immediate periphery is bound to be fun!

It might even give me a clue as to what I am writing my novel about.

Here is a taster.

“Daniel McConnell has come from nowhere with this book. A seething mass of imagery it practically overwhelms at every sentence. A good cardio work out, I was left breathless by the time I had finished reading the Author’s own foreword. Breaking many rules, Daniel has defined his own genre which stands alone with little comparisons. A loose definition would be an erotically humorous science fiction thriller with a dash of psychedelic wanderings. But I am not the Author……. or am I?”