Despite print media being a dieing medium, a healthy confusion and profusion of magazines sprout up at my work every week. They lie directly beside the fridge so on my visits to it I am confronted with startling headlines at regular intervals.

Unfortunately the *content* is largely gossip, scaremongering and lewd photographs. What is even more unfortunate I sometimes find myself reading these tragedies and not in a good Shakespearean way. There is a simple formula for writing articles for these magazines. I think a team of infinite monkeys or a carefully crafted computer program could churn them out at a good rate. For example.

Randomly select celebrity
Write story which has no truth
Source *facts* as a close source to celebrity

The photo stories are even more amazing.

Paparazzi take photos of celebrity hopefully after reading one of the stupid headlines about themselves
Magazine assigns a team of monkeys to write a fictitious story about the photo

Does anyone else find this unsettling? Or am I being precious?

Even more unsettling is that this very blurb will gather more interest than a well crafted treatise on the origins of modern day weather forecasting.