I am feeling a bit lazy today so let me dispense with some photos and captions from last night.

Evening/Dusk is rapidly becoming my favourite time of day. My temporary work day has finished. The temperature cools down and the bicycle beckons…

First off let us spy upon the garden below the apartment which has offered to home me when ever I need.


I wander contented across to the street window and take another photo.

A bar devoted to Champagne. Quite nice Champagne if I remember correctly. It is probably fair to blame the Champagne for my lethargy today.

A quite apt piece of art to look at whilst sipping on Champagne.

One of Livorno’s many canals on the way to Marcos bar.

Arrived at the bar safely. It is time for a toilette stop. What an interesting wall.

And the band played on

Time to head home. Temporary home sweet temporary home.